May 11, 2022

 The development and support team of Sports Engine have put together a solution that will work with individual clubs within OSCAR that have used generic emails for their members. The customer support team will implement this directly with clubs that are needing to change over their emails.

Steps to follow:

- Club admin gets the updated emails of the users.

- Club admin will then go into directory and update the correct email in place of the generic email that was put there initially. For the club admin, they would be selecting the profile within the directory, canceling the invite sent to the generic email, and then replacing it with the unique email for that member. Once that has been done, they can import into this data into the governing season, and select yes for the duplicate question. It is recommended that you update all the emails first in the directory, and then complete the import.

Note - The club admin can leverage customer support to help with this process, by using the Need Help > Contact Help button. 
Our customer support team will help the admins, but will not do it for them.

- The member is sent out a new invite asking them to claim their account, reminder to the member that this is the email that should be used now to register within Ontario Soccer.

- Club admin can then go ahead and use the import tool within Governing Seasons and there should not be a duplicate check triggered (unless other information has changed) due to the fact that no duplicate has been created.

This is the best process so that we do not continue to create duplicates in the system, and to retain unique SEOS numbers for each member. 

Hopefully this assists your clubs.

Ontario Soccer

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