Please type the information as required and submit to the EMSA Office via email at with your "Club Name and Club Renewal Doc" in the subject line (ie: ABC Soccer Club - Club Renewal Docs)

EMSA requests that all the documents on the checklist, as well as the signed checklist be submitted via email on or before January 15th, 2018.  Please make note of fines that will be laid and enforced if not completed on or prior to January 15th.

Renewals received on or between January 16 - February 15, 2018 will be subject to a fine of $50

Renewals received on or after February 16 2018 membership will be terminated.  Reconsideration for reinstatment will be heard by The EMSA Board at one of its regular meetings, accompanied by a reinstatement fee of $250.

Documents are required as per Section 3 - Organizations, Procedure 3 - Membership within a District Association.

AIMS Confidentiality Agreement, to be signed by NEW AIMS users.  

EXISTING AIMS users:  AIMS will stop working at midnight on March 31st, if the user does not login in prior to that date.  If you sign in prior to that time frame, you will be asked to agree to OS Terms and Conditions, if the user 'Accepts" the agreement, their account will be automatically renewed for one year.

NOTE: If a club does not field a team in outdoor and indoor season for TWO years in a row, then their membership will be withdrawn.  EXAMPLE: Club has team(s) and is registered in 2016, can renew for 2017 season without a team in either indoor or outdoor, can renew again in 2018 without a team in either indoor or outdoor.  In 2019 club MUST have a team in order to register, if club doesn't their membership will be withdrawn in future years and must register as a new club.

Please complete the below documents:


18ClubMmbrRenewalFillable(2) (1).pdf