Out of Province/US Travel Permits

Tournaments in other Provinces- apply for travel permits on CTMS and submit the Provincial Permit to Host Inter-Provincial Teams. 

Tournaments in the US - apply for permits on CTMS. Be sure to select in the jurisdiction drop down menu To the USA.  Attach the USSF approval to Host Foreign Teams to the application in CTMS. It will be in the form of an e-mail or letter sent to the club hosting the tournament or as a certificate posted on the tournament website.  It is the club/team responsibility to submit the USSF sanctioning document. You must also upload proof of travel insurance.  You must purchase team travel insurance through Ontario Soccer's provider. Details can be found at this link: Ontario Soccer | HUB International

International Tournaments (Outside Canada and the US) - Apply for your permit on CTMS.  Be sure to select in the jurisdiction drop down menu Outside Canada & the United States.  All information about the tournament must be included in the permit. OS requires your invitation letter, a copy of the tournament rules and/or itinerary of your trip including friendly games, copies of proof of travel/ medical insurance for each participant, proof of player/coach registrations and payment of $125 for the international travel permit.  Please be advised that you must apply and get APPROVAL 45 days before travelling to the other country. It is advised that you apply for your permit at least 90 days before travelling.


Please submit ATFs with sufficient notice (7 Days for travel within Ontario, 14 days for travel outside of Ontario (US or other Provinces) and 45 days for International).

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact your Club Representatives.

Club Representatives with questions or concerns are invited to email competitions@emsadistrict.com