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Team Official Qualifications

I2021-036 Canada Soccer Coaching - online Grassroots Coach Education Program

2021 Coaching Development Info Brochure

Online training is currently available, on field training will be scheduled at a later date when available.

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MED is an in class course (required for District approval= trained).  An online evaluation after the in class course can be taken if your coach wants to be 'certified" which means they want to proceed with C License.


CLUB TEAM OFFICIALS (see attached, section 1.7)


C License Information

The C License is for players aged 11-13, this means a coach can take either Learn to Train or Soccer for Life for access.
If they have a C License, this is training at a higher level for both learn to train and soccer for life. 
Therefore if a coach has a C License, they will have either a soccer for life or learn to train to access the course in the first place and do not need to complete both and the C License provides education in more detail for both of these stages of development. 
As C License content covers learn to train and soccer for life, it does not cover fundamentals. Therefore any coach coaching U6-U9 Boys or U6-U8 will need to take fundamentals.
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Any managers for youth/grassroots, listed on the SE ROSTER will require Making Ethical Decisions and Respect in Sport (coaches are to follow OS Certification requirements)

Technical Directors (authorized to sign Fast Track Forms)

Technical Directors for clubs who wish to have players fast tracked will be required to be fully qualified  =  TD Diploma. 


Technical Director Agreement form: CLICK HERE

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The Locker not showing certificates?

PLEASE be advised that if a coach believes that they have taken a course and doesn't show up on THE LOCKER in that they should email with this information to see if they have two different NCCPs.

EMAIL ADDRESS (current and old ones)
ADDRESS (current and old ones)

Various notes:

Starting in 2017 the former Senior Certification will no longer be valid for any coach. Please be advised that it is mandatory that all competitive coaches upgrade their certification to the Soccer For Life course.

The R.I.S. (Respect in Soccer) certificates must be upgraded every 5 years.