Coaching Information for 2018

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Coaching Certification Requirements in 2018

Starting in 2017 the former Senior Certification will no longer be valid for any coach. Please be advised that it is mandatory that all competitive coaches upgrade their certification to the Soccer For Life course.

The Making Headway online concussions e-Learning certificate will also be mandatory for ALL coaches. Making headway is an e-Learning series from

This is a free module to gain knowledge and skills to recognize concussions and ensure the safety of players. The training will be noted on coach transcripts as Professional Development.
Please see the OS Information Bulletin I2016-024 in the below link

The R.I.S. (Respect in Soccer) certificates must be upgraded every 5 years.

Please see the OSA Information Bulletin I2016-032

You are advised to register for the correct certification clinic for the age you will be coaching.

Coaching requirements for all coaches Under 12 are being aligned to meet the requirements of the Recreational and Development Matrices.
These Matrices can be found at this link on the OSA website.
Coaches of U4-U5 Girls & Boys will require Active Start + MED + RiS + Making Headway in Soccer
Coaches of U6-U8 Girls & Boys will require FUNdamentals + MED + RiS + Making Headway in Soccer
Coaches of U9 - U12  Girls & Boys teams will require Learn to Train + MED + RiS + Making Headway in Soccer
Coaches of U13 teams and older will require Soccer For Life + MED + RiS + Making Headway in Soccer

MED is an in class course + an online evaluation after the in class course is completed
The recreational matrix also indicates that all coaches have the MED and RIS along with the age appropriate coach certificate.

CLUB TEAM OFFICIALS (see attached, section 1.7)




PLEASE be advised that if I coach believes that they have taken a course and doesn't show up on THE LOCKER in that they should email with this information to see if they have two different NCCPs.

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