Forms for Club Use

Rowan's Law - NEW for Outdoor 2020 (mandatory by law)

Resources and Forms

Player/Team registration
/Downloads/122/Registration -Clubs/team-playerregistrsation club use.pdf


Coach Registration

/Downloads/122/Registration -Clubs/coachregistration-clubuse.pdf 

Manger Registration

/Downloads/122/Registration -Clubs/MANAGER_REGISTRATION_FORM_-_fillable(1).pdf 

Coach Code of Conduct

/Downloads/122/Registration -Clubs/COACH CODE OF CONDUCT.pdf

Please find below various model of documents for your Club's use and some basic information as to what is expected from each club. 

It is recommended to use the models and modify it to suit your clubs requirements

Basic Club Responsibilities


Chain of Command


Model Constitution


OS Harassment Policy 

Volunteer Screening Document

For more information on Harassment Policy and Volunteer Screening please review

Coaches Code of Conduct

Please find a sample of Coach Code of Conduct for your clubs use as you see fit


Offence Declaration Form

This form is to be downloaded by the CLUB and the club logo is to be inserted in the space provided.  The form is to be completed and signed by the coach/manager/volunteer and kept with the club files.  These files must be available at any time to the district, the OS or authorities.  The club is to submit a summary of volunteers screened to the district and signed by the club official(s).  The club must have a screening policy that indicates the time frame for which a new police check must be done keeping in mind that the police check is only good to the date it was completed.

Offence_Declaration (1).docx

Please also submit a Club Screening Record listing all coaches and/or managers.  This will ensure that your coaches/managers meet the Volunteer Screening requirements for the teams they are coaching/managing.


Police Record Check

Volunteer Checks are available for a fee with a letter on Club Letterhead and signed by the Club President or Registrar. A letter on Club Letterhead is also required for these Police Checks.


For use for clubs in rural areas, larger centres will have forms provided by their local police force (IE London Police)

London Police Check