The below form can be used for either player de registration or player transfer from one club to another club.

De Registration Form - used when player will no longer play in the current season (deadline is July 31st, annually)

  - 30 day wait period after dereg to re-register to original team

                                       - if player de registers and registers with an organization outside of his/her district, the player may not return to                     his/her team within the playing season

  Process: bring in completed document, fee & player card

  Form: http://www.emsadistrict.comONTARIOSOCCER_-_TransferDe-Reg_Form2018.pdf

Player Transfer Form - used when player is going to play with another club (deadline for EMSA Leagues is July 31st )

  - 2 transfers only during current playing season. Once transferred cannot be transferred back to the team for which he/she was originally registered until a period of 30 days has elapsed

  Process: bring in completed document, fee & player card

  request new player card online.

Form:       http://www.emsadistrict.comONTARIOSOCCER_-_TransferDe-Reg_Form2018.pdf

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Please review League Rules and Regulations for specific date deadlines.

Only Club Executive are to sign documents as club representatives