EMSA Tier III Membership Information Session
January 5, 2019

In order to provide information to all our clubs concerning the EMSA Tier III Associate Membership, EMSA would like to invite Club Executives  to attend a meeting on:

Friday, January 18th 7:00pm -9:00pm

at BMO Centre

Please RSVP to emsada@rogers.com

If you are aware of other that may be interested in this information session please invite them as well.

Below is some information for you to review

Introduction Letter

/Downloads/122/Front Page Notices/EMSA Tier III IntroductionLetter.pdf

Example of Registered Club vs Non Registered Club

/Downloads/122/Front Page Notices/EMSA TIER III CLUB - Example.pdf

EMSA Tier III Constitution

/Downloads/122/2019 EMSA Tier III Constitution.pdf

EMSA Tier III Rules and Regulations

/Downloads/122/Front Page Notices/2019 EMSA Tier III Rules Regulations.pdf

EMSA Tier III  Associate Member Application

/Downloads/122/Front Page Notices/EMSA Tier III Associate Member Application.pdf


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