Ontario Soccer's Member Management Registration System Outdoor 2019
June 30, 2018


Bulletin #:I2018-028

Date:June 28, 2018

To:Ontario Soccer and District Members, ORA

CC:Ontario SoccerBoard of Directors, Staff

From:Johnny Misley, Chief Executive Officer

Subject:Ontario Soccer's Member Management Registration System Outdoor 2019

On June 9, 2018, upon positive review of beta test results and survey data, the Ontario Soccer Board of Directors approved the movement to Phase 2 of the three phase implementation plan for the new SportsEngine Member Management Registration System (MMRS).

The Board of Directors has approved, effective for the Outdoor 2019 season (for which registration can occur no earlier than October 1, 2018) and for all seasons thereafter, SportsEngine’s MMRS will be the official record of registration for Ontario Soccer.

This launch period also commences the retirement of AIMS which will be maintained for archival purposes only effective the Outdoor 2019 season. The official retirement of AIMS is effective at the end of the Indoor 2018-2019 season.

Ontario Soccer is pleased to provide a resource document with the Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Ontario Soccer MMRS powered by SportsEngine.

For information regarding the 3 Phase Implementation Process, please visit OntarioSoccer.net.

If you have not yet provisioned your District, Club or Academy in preparation for access to the SportsEngine MMRS, please click here to complete the provisioning process.

For review of previous communication regarding SportsEngine please refer to the following Bulletins:

  • I2017-052 - Update on Member Management Registration Solution (December 12, 2017)
  • I2015-047 - Ontario Soccer Announces Official Technology Partner (December 4, 2015)

For any further questions regarding MMRS, please contact Lyn Wallington.

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