Return to Play Process

Any Club registering players for League play or for Training purposes must complete the following:

  1. Read and understand Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide (the plan) – Protocols and Recommendations document.
  2. All affiliated Clubs/Academies/Leagues must prepare their own Return to Play Plans for use within their membership. Use of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide (see below) is required.
  3. All affiliated Clubs/Academies/Leagues must complete Canada Soccer's Risk Assessment Tool( to be completed by ONE executive of the member). Do not forward or share the online link tool with others. If your club has completed this for Outdoor 2020, this is Risk Assessment is not required again.
  4. Canada Soccer/Ontario Soccer will send clubs an email advising them of their risk level. Ontario Soccer will acknowledge your risk level and advise EMSA as well.  Clubs and Leagues and Academies must all complete this. 
  5. Collect documents required from parents/players/coaches (waivers and player registration forms)
  6. Register Players/Staff into OSCAR - EMSA will not approve rosters until we have been advised that your CSA Risk Level is low.

Teams participating in League:

If your club will be  participating in a league please name the team as follows

- Club Name, Gender, YOB, League,  "GROUP #" Team Name if applicable

- Enter NCCP# of each Team official in the comment box by their name in OSCAR

An EMSA approved roster will only be sent to the clubs that have completed the CSA Tool with a low risk and have registered the players in OSCAR.

Teams not participating in League, but will be training:

If your club will be TRAINING only (not participating in League games/festivals etc) please name the team as follows:

Club Name, Gender, YOB, Training Team

Please ensure that your club has updated your RTP to reflect the latest OS RTP Guide


*please note that age classifications change for Indoor Season, see schedule below


Governing Division breakdown CLICK HERE

Coach Qualifications  CLICK HERE

Further Registration information

OS Return to Play Guide - updated Nov 22, 2020 List of updates can be found on I2020-122


The RTP Guide has been  broken down in PDF Format for easier use for our members.  -PLEASE NOTE THE BELOW IS FROM SEPTEMBER 14, 2020, new RTPs will need to be amended as they are provided

Please note that content used cannot be used in a manner that does not align with Ontario Soccer and the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 directives, protocols and guidelines that are in place now and in the future

OS Player Registration Form 

Release of Liability Waiver 18 and older Form 

Informed Consent and Assumption Risk Agreement 17 and younger Form

Declaration of Compliance COVID 19 Waiver Form

Contact Tracing Log

Emergency Response Plan

Recommendations for Clubs and Academies

Recommendations and Guidelines for Players

Recommendations and Guidelines for Parents

Recommendations and Guidelines for Coaches

Return to Play Phases  

Provide a Safe & Clean Environment/Equipment

Recommendations  for Match Officials

Legal Considerations

Risk Management and Insurance Considerations

Appendix 1 Covid 19 Infection Prevention

Appendix 2 Training Sessions

Appendix 3 Waivers

Appendix 4 COVID 19 Public Health Resources

For the most updated OS Bulletins please feel free to visit

Decisions are subject to change, based on the number of cases locally and provincially and as directed by Health Units, our Government and/or Ontario Soccer

The District will provide updated information and guidance to the best of our ability, ultimately EMSA's members (clubs and leagues) are responsible to ensure that they are following their Local Health Units orders