Return to Play Process

Please review as this has been updated as of September 14, 2020 

OS Return to Play Guide - September 14, 2020 

Please note that content used cannot be used in a manner that does not align with Ontario Soccer and the Government of Ontario’s COVID-19 directives, protocols and guidelines that are in place now and in the future

Clubs are to 

  1. Read and understand Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide (the plan) – Protocols and Recommendations document.
  2. All affiliated Clubs and Academies must prepare their own Return to Play Plans for use within their membership. Use of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide (see below) is encouraged.
  3. All affiliated Clubs and Academies must complete Canada Soccer's Risk Assessment Tool( to be completed by ONE executive from club). Please do not complete this tool until you have completed step 1 and 2 above. Do not forward or share the online link tool with others. Please note that Ontario Soccer will be hosting webinars the week of June 22 to assist clubs with the process, further information will be sent from Ontario Soccer
  4. Canada Soccer will send clubs an email advising them of their risk level.  In this email you may have a letter/email from Ontario Soccer stating "Best of success as you use our Return to Play Guide and plan to bring soccer back to your community". 
  5. Ontario Soccer will send the club and the district an email acknowledging that your risk assessment is low

  6. Collect documents required, as well as the new "Ontario Soccer COVID 19 Waiver"
  7. Register Players/Staff into OSCAR
    Please note as processes are being updated and/or improved EMSA will update this page.