Ontario Summer Games
August 2, 2018

As some of you may be aware, London is hosting the Ontario Summer Games.  EMSA is proud to take an active role in the event supporting Ontario Soccer and the LTOD initiative. 
I am am proud to announce that EMSA MO are very involved in the event.  Specific congratulations are  in order for the following people:
Josh Heuving - MO
Nicole Lee -MO
Laura Godts - MO
Matt Rogers - MO
Matt  Boere - MO
Liam Tremblay - MO
Connor Spence MO
Phil Miranda - MO
Jordan Miranda - MO
Matt Hartman - MO
Abbi Lezizidis - Instructor/Mentor
John Dutot - Mentor/Assessor
Joey Filipic - Mentor
Matt McCready - Mentor/Assessor
Best of luck to all those involved in the games.  Make EMSA proud!

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