Nominations for EMSA Board Positions
July 30, 2018


Board of Directors positions up for election, at the 2018 EMSA AGM are:





Nominations for Board Positions must be received in writing by midnight August 31, 2018.  Nominations should include the name of the nominee, the club or league making the nomination, and the position being nominated for. 

Nominations will be accepted by email, or by dropping them off at the EMSA office during office hours as posted on the EMSA website.  Nominations will only be accepted from a District Club or League in good standing.  A list of nominations will be published 15 days prior to the AGM.  Nominees can provide a resume and/or a letter of position that will be posted 15 days prior to the AGM.

The above positions are elected by ballot for a two-year term. 

For a full list of Duties of the Board, please review the EMSA By-laws/Rules and Regulations at Elgin Middlesex Soccer Association : Home under the tab "About Us" - "Constitution/Private Policy/AODA'. Article 12


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