Player/Team Registration and Waiver Forms

Please note that OS Classification is always INDOOR (ie: Youth Indoor, Senior Indoor)

Please find below samples of Player/Team Registration forms as well as Player Waiver forms.

Club registration forms are to meet the minimum requirements of the OS registration form.  

It is the clubs responsibility to retain a signed copy (electronically or hard copy) of the forms as well be able to provide proof of age of the player to EMSA or OS.

International Transfer Certificates:  Please ensure that if your player played overseas or the United States and is over the age of 10 that the necessary documents are submitted on the CTMS website.  Advise the district once the forms have been completed an uploaded on CTMS. More information can be found on the ITC tab on our website






/Downloads/122/Registration -Clubs/New_-_RD_-_Age_Classification__2019-2021__24_(1).pdf

Grassroots Players = U4-U12

Youth Players = U13-U18

For rules and regulations please look on your leagues website.  

For more information on registration please review the below link for OS Registration Policy: